Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Planes of existance in the Eververse

The Eververse is the braod term for the existance of all realms. many planes exist in the Eververse and each has its onw story to tell.

The Afterverse is the Demon Realm. A dead plane, it has three moons and oceans, but the land masses are all bordering each other. there are 9 kingdoms in the Afterverse for the demons, the undisputed rules of the realm. they are:
The Pleasure Courts: Succubus Court and Incubus Court
The Conglacio (Ice Plains)
The Cento (fire plains)
Strigo (plains of Memory)
Effusio (the West of the world)
Acer (The east)
Caligo (shadow Plains)
Acuro (the mountian region)
Celo(the desolate lands)

Other Races that are originally from the Afterverse are: Imps and Dragons

The Dreamverse
is the Ghost world. existing out of phaze with our reality, but in paralelle to it, they move and work unseen to the masses on earth.

The Glimmer is the original Fey realm, now since abandonded. Few fey still visit, but the portals to the Glimmer on earth are protected, As the Glimmer is where Feys powers are based. A now Chaotic realm, the Glimmer was once lush and fertile, but started to do around the same time as the Afterverse. Noone know what they chose to leave the Glimmer.

The Divine
is where the gods dwell. The Deities that witches answer to reside in this plane, and while they normally do not appear on earth (because few have the power to do so, theur worship not what it used to be) few are very in touch with their followers.

On high and Below. this is tricky. Its not heaven or hell, its what keeps balance in the Eververse, all the planes. While some planes can only cross to certain ones, On high and Below have passage to all. they are the keepers of the keys and rarely interact unless the balance is to shift.

Earth. Well you know all about earth dont you?

So? Any questions?

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