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Witches are men and women, who practice magic in the human traditional sense (herbs, stones, incantations, spells, prayer and divination). Their powers are inherent and passed down through the generations. Magic is coveted, along with the secrets belonging to the family, and they rarely share their secrets with outside clans. Family magic is filtered through the deity the family pledged themselves to eons ago in exchange for knowledge and power. Sacrifice in the traditional sense is frowned upon, although deities ask that the acts that are carried out in their name and to honor them be sexual, maternal, and political or business related.

Witch Deities: Witch clans have deities that they glean their powers from. There is only one deity per clan and the deity does not belong to more than one family, or clan. Occasionally a Deity will take on a lone witch, as a first time acolyte, but mostly they stay were they will have the most influence. Please look in the links for the sites you can use to find a deity, as they can be any type of deity, (Celtic, Middle Eastern, Sumerian, Babylonian, roman, Greek, Japanese, ect.)

Witch Powers: Powers Vary from clan to clan, and certain witches are proficient in specialized things, others have a broader basis of powers to choose from. Magic for them is more of a specialty then book learned. While most clans and families teach the basics to their younger members, many do go off on their own for what interests them. Specialties include but are not limited to:

Silence spells

Atmosphere spells (calling the elements)

Healing spells

Pain spells

Defensive and offensive spells.

Witches have been known to bargain their souls for increased power, sometimes at the advice of their family deity (who do things for their own selfish reasons)

If a witch invokes a Royal demon then that witch becomes a sorcerer or A sorceress with very powerful spells and servants at their disposal


Sorcerers are witches that bargain with a royal demon for more power. The bargain is done by contract, and a binding is performed, by way of sexual contact or bloodletting. there are other ways but those are the most used.

A witch that deals with a common demon becomes a banshee, with a litle more power, but never as much as a sorceress.

Sorceress gain much of their power from their demon and take on the demons powers and characteristics. they are taught control and have higher tolerences to death.

On the eve of the binding, be it by blood or by sex, the bargain is struck and finished, and the binding commences. Most choose a sexual binding, unless they are bargained with a same sex demon.

A binding is very hard on both parties, a sexual one incorporates a good amount of magic and strength, the bloodletting a fair amount of blood. Both methods will effectively bind the sorceress/er to the demon, however they share a more close and intimate bond and power transference if the binding is sexual.

The powers they are granted mostly depend on the bargain struck and the demon they struck it with. Depending on the Element of the Royal demon, the sorcerer/ss will gain what the bargain states of that element. Please be advised that a sorcerer/ss will not gain full powers from their demon, only smaller ones, with very few high-level (calling ice, full teleportation, commanding fire, ect)

When you make the bargain:

State what the character wants and is willing to give and then state what the Demon will gain from the bargain. also state if the binding will be sexual or bloodletting in nature, as that is important to the plot and storyline. Please also include how the power structures between the two will play out.

Side effects:

Sexual side effects may occur. IF the binding is done with a lot of magic, the witch in question will start to crave their demons touch and body, and the demon will gain some of the witches’ emotions for a time. The treatment if this is either casual touching that most demons do not do, or a continued sexual relationship until such time as the witch can draw off the demon and not crave them.

Bloodletting side effects are minor and include fatigue and heightened appetite. They can here their master’s call in their head and have to learn better control of the powers flooding them.

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