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Planes of existance in the Eververse

The Eververse is the braod term for the existance of all realms. many planes exist in the Eververse and each has its onw story to tell.

The Afterverse is the Demon Realm. A dead plane, it has three moons and oceans, but the land masses are all bordering each other. there are 9 kingdoms in the Afterverse for the demons, the undisputed rules of the realm. they are:
The Pleasure Courts: Succubus Court and Incubus Court
The Conglacio (Ice Plains)
The Cento (fire plains)
Strigo (plains of Memory)
Effusio (the West of the world)
Acer (The east)
Caligo (shadow Plains)
Acuro (the mountian region)
Celo(the desolate lands)

Other Races that are originally from the Afterverse are: Imps and Dragons

The Dreamverse
is the Ghost world. existing out of phaze with our reality, but in paralelle to it, they move and work unseen to the masses on earth.

The Glimmer is the original Fey realm, now since abandonded. Few fey still visit, but the portals to the Glimmer on earth are protected, As the Glimmer is where Feys powers are based. A now Chaotic realm, the Glimmer was once lush and fertile, but started to do around the same time as the Afterverse. Noone know what they chose to leave the Glimmer.

The Divine
is where the gods dwell. The Deities that witches answer to reside in this plane, and while they normally do not appear on earth (because few have the power to do so, theur worship not what it used to be) few are very in touch with their followers.

On high and Below. this is tricky. Its not heaven or hell, its what keeps balance in the Eververse, all the planes. While some planes can only cross to certain ones, On high and Below have passage to all. they are the keepers of the keys and rarely interact unless the balance is to shift.

Earth. Well you know all about earth dont you?

So? Any questions?

Lets start with a Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms

Acer: Royal Vision Demons. Can see thought organic and inorganic matter.

Afterverse: Demon plane of existence. It exists parallel to ours, and has different lands for the different demon races. Each Kingdom in the Afterverse is ruled by its races Royal family, and the entire Afterverse is run by an Overlord, at this time being Fuerety, King of the Centos.

Anthame: A knife used for working magic. Witches use an Anthame to channel energy and to seal a circle. It is a staple of a witches altar.

Ardesco: Classification of a human that bargained with a Cento for normal powers. Can ignite their fingertips and have been known to set their clothing on fire. Can only manipulate existing flames, not create them/

The Classification of a human that’s soul their soul to an Acer demon. Can only see thought inorganic matter.

Bargaining: A bargain is the agreement that a human and a true demon come too when the human wishes to sell their soul. Both the demon and the human can not break a bargain once it has been agreed on and the bargainer rarely comes out better off.

Bleeding to demon: Term used when a demon shows its demon side. Normally a demon is human looking, but in times of great stress, they will show. Be it something as mundane as their eyes going to a solid color, to something as over the top as changing completely into something different, each demon has a demon side and no two demons have the same “extras” that make them the kind of demon they are.

Cento: Royal Fire Demons. Can manipulate fire to their whims and cannot be burned by it. Warm to the touch, can create fire.

Cendere: The classification of a person with very low fire abilities. Can get warm, raising their body temperature to about 104 degrees.

Cipere (Book of souls): Every demon has a book of souls, which is magically bound to them. This is used to collect and store the demons souls. Once a soul bargain is completed the soul's full name will appear on the book. When the owner of the soul dies then the soul automatically is called to the book.

Royal Ice Demons. Can manipulate ice to their ends. Doesn’t feel cold and is happier in colder climates.

Effusio: Royal Dimensional Demons. Can teleport anywhere they see fit, even over bodies of water.

Escensio: Classification of a human that sold their soul to an Effusio for powers. Can not cross oceans and large bodies of water.

Eververse: Term used to describe where everyone exists in, no matter what dimension they reside. The Eververse involves not only earth’s plane of existence, but various others including the Afterverse, the Dreamverse (where ghosts and spirits dwell) and the Devine (where Gods reside.)

Exile: An exile rarely happens, and only comes about when it would be too much trouble to kill the Demon in question. Heirs to one of the demon thrones are often exiled rather than killed. When a demon is exiled, their gathered souls are taken from them and gifted to the current overlord. They are then cast out into the Eververse and blocked from using the Ley-lines to travel, contact with other demon is forbidden.
An Exile has to collect enough souls to sustain his or herself, or else they will go mad. If an exile lives long enough to collect ten thousand souls then they will be allowed to return home. No exile has ever returned to the Afterverse, all having gone mad or been killed by enemies.

Family bargaining:
A Family bargaining is the same as a normal bargaining, though with higher stakes. There are two types of family bargain; a person can sell his families souls for power, choose to keep their soul and to offer up their siblings and or parents (blood relative only).
The second is that a person can make a pact to empower them and all their offspring for the price of all their souls. The power the offspring will possess decreases down the line.

Male energy Demons. Feed off Sexual energy, but not in the traditional sense of being a “Dream lover.” Incubus feed not to enslave but to keep their youth. Both they and their female counterparts, Succubae, are sexual creatures. They suck sexual energy, absorbing it into their bodies, making it part of their essence. An Energy demon doesn't need to collect souls to prolong their life, merely feed off the sexual essence of their partner to keep their youth. If the feedings become to frequent the individual becomes attached to the demon and upon death (which is not too far off after the attachment happens) the demon gains their soul for their Cipere.

Half Demons:
A half demon is the general term for a human who has bargained their soul for powers. They need to collect souls to survive as the power from the soul’s fuel their own dark magic. The older a true demon becomes the more souls they need to keep then sane and together.

: Invisible power lines that connect the Verses together. All true demons can travel through Ley-lines, all Ley-lines. It can take them between worlds or just down the street in the blink of an eye.

The current ruler of the Afterverse.

Shadow Heights:
Nestled in a valley in Upstate NY, about two hours from the city, Shadow Heights is a very isolated town where many residence of the Eververse congregate. Here, humans and members of the Eververse live together, although humans are outnumbered considerably.

witches who make pacts or offer to serve a Royal Demon. A Demon doesn't share or amplify power easily, so the person in question has to have some quality that attracts the Demon. Ambition, greed and hatred are all things that demons view as "worthy" attributes in their sorcerers.

Female energy demons. (See Incubus)

men and women, who practice magic in the human traditional sense (herbs, stones, incantations, spells, prayer and divination). Their powers are inherent and passed down through the generations. Magic is coveted, along with the secrets belonging to the family, and they rarely share their secrets with outside clans. Family magic is filtered through the deity the family pledged themselves to eons ago in exchange for knowledge and power. Sacrifice in the traditional sense is frowned upon, although deities ask that the acts that are carried out in their name and to honor them be sexual, maternal, and political or business related.

Witch Deities:
Witch clans have deities that they glean their powers from. There is only one deity per clan and the deity does not belong to more than one family, or clan. Occasionally a Deity will take on a lone witch, as a first time acolyte, but mostly they stay were they will have the most influence.

So what are you most curious about? Im sure we can find a book in this VERY cramped library that can give you some amazing refrence...

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Welcome to the Crypt

Well it seems Eververse is a bit more involved with information then most worlds, and while we have a numerous amount of homes on the web, this might be fun for you, the reader, to get to know a tiny bit more about Eververse and its inhabitants. Here youll find Interesting information on the Races, powers, locations, and relationships of the residents and beyond. So sit back, relax and enjoy all that the Crypt and its Library have to offer.


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