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Ghosts are the sprits of humans or other creatures which have been unable to move on after death. There is some form of unfinished business which consumes their soul so totally that they are bound to this world. The only race that can not become ghosts are demons.

Ghosts are part of this world, but hidden to most around them. Due to their lack of physical body their senses are limited, they can no-longer smell, taste or see in color. They walk through the world unseen by anyone other than clairvoyants and demons. They can wander from place to place freely, but they tend to linger around the familiar. Their time is usually spent trying to resolve their unfinished business or watching over those they loved.

Powers & abilities:

Ghost are incorporeal so they can wander through any substance. Walls are no barrier to a ghost.

Older ghosts can sometimes even 'blink' themselves from one place to another, the distance depending upon the strength of the ghost.

Ghosts can, with decades of practice, learn to move items short distances through sheer force of will. However, this is extremely difficult and it is the rare ghost who can move a heavy object even a few millimeters.

All ghosts can take over a clairvoyant's body when invited and a few have been known to force their way in against the will of the host. However, they are usually expelled by the body within an hour.

All ghosts can speak to clairvoyants, demons and any magic user which has summoned them.

Ghosts regularly try to interfere with our world often with the assistance of clairvoyants, and occasionally by bargaining with demons. As a ghost they have proof that there must be some afterlife and they come to value their souls dearly. Nonetheless, there will always be some ghosts so desperate to resolve their unfinished business that they will sell the only thing they have left.

Ghosts do not eat, drink or sleep. They have nowhere to go and spend each day watching others live their lives. Unsurprisingly many older ghosts are completely insane.

There are various rumors, spread from ghost to ghost, about what happens to those who 'move on'. No ghost is totally certain where the souls go on to, and why exactly they move on. The most common theory is that ghosts will move on once they have resolved their unfinished business; however stories abound of ghosts who have never been seen again, despite the fact that they never resolved that which tied them to the earth. Some ghosts have questioned the demons that they come across, but who can ever truly trust the answers given by a demon?

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Blogger Faith said ... (7:14 AM) : 

I believe ghosts can touch. I've been touched by several. The house I reside in is very "active" with a long history. I grew up in such a house too. All my kids will testify that ghosts can touch. When they're corporeal, it's even more disconcerting, lol.


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